Monday, 29 July 2013

Let's hope we won't need one of these just yet!

Just a few cards I made a little while back.  My brother, in Germany, was asking at the weekend if anyone had seen Noah so I was expecting us to need him next.  Not sure these would have been any use though!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Better late than never!

Finally my Mum is home and life for me is even busier.  She is still in need of a lot of support and we have carers going in 4 times a day.  I naively thought that carers could empty the bathroom and kitchen bins, change sheets, make sure Mum has clean clothes on every day etc but no, apparently some of these are considered health and safety issues and ensuring clean clothes and personal hygiene is abuse if not volunteered by the person needing care!  Sadly my Mum has had a small stroke and so her memory is now very poor so she often forgets if her clothes are those she had on the previous day and to be fair to the carers, they are different each visit sometimes so they wouldn't necessarily know.  I have however made gentle suggestions such as ensuring Mum's clothes go into the washing machine at the last visit of the day and explaining to her why a shower / body wash is important.  I am not grumbling just frustrated at the things Mum needs that I need to do every time I visit.  This means I ned to visit more regularly now to do all these little jobs that pile up.  It would be so much easier if she lived nearer to me and I am making enquiries about this but it isn't looking too hopeful.
I have managed a few cards here and there and I thought you might like to see one I made after testing a cut file from , I think my great nephew will love it.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Oh boy have I been busy but I won't bore you with all the details.  Following our computer disaster I have been recouping a lot of my stuff and trying to find all the lovely freebies I had downloaded but alas, they are hard to remember and are no longer freebies available in most places. Ce la vie!  
At long last, after 5 months of hospital, 2 major surgeries and a few weeks in a rehab home, my lovely Mum, 84 years old, is now back home.  She lives in a beautiful little bungalow which is owned by the village Church and is part of  4 bungalows known as cottages which are listed buildings.  The Church has recently renovated them all with new central heating and a combi boiler plus all rooms being redecorated with wallpaper and paint.  As soon as it finished we needed to get to work on the clean up job and wash everything, scrub here and there and replace some things which were in need of replacing.  After lots of hours it was all done ready for her return.  I did feel very nervous leaving her alone yesterday afternoon but I know that carers are going in four times a day and that she has two special pieces of equipment which she can use to get help if she needs it.  My concern was added to as we discovered her telephone volume wasn't working and it was really difficult for me to hear anyone and impossible for my almost totally deaf Mum!  New phone on shopping list for today.  This week is going to be another very busy one then hopefully I can get back to crafting next week sometime.