Monday, 11 August 2014

If only..............

Why is it that as you get older the time just runs away with you?  If only I had more time at the moment, I would be a very happy bunny.  Life has been just SO busy and we have had lots of visitors, my niece's wedding and my Mum being ill.  Now that those things have been and gone, we are into another chapter of busy times starting with a trip to Cornwall to visit friends and then on to Brighton to visit our son, future DIL and grandson.  The request I have had from all parties is to take my sewing machine with me!  For me that means my overlocker too as well as threads, various scissors, pins etc etc but I prefer to be totally prepared.  Apparently i will be making curtains and 2 bridesmaid dresses as well as shortening 3 dresses.  Oh well, no rest for the wicked!!
I promised a couple of photos of the wedding stationery I made and have included photos of other bits i also made for the wedding.  Enjoy!
 I always make stationery to the happy couple's colours and designs.  I prefer not to offer a standard format and this makes every set interesting.  My niece had 2 main specs., one was the colour (Cadbury purple) and the other was the shape of the invite.  I made a few prototypes and this is what they chose.

 I made this horseshoe for my 2 year old granddaughter to give to the bride.  The bride loved it.

 These are just 2 of the many flowers I made to decorate a card collection box for them. I added one to the horseshoe above too!

One of the cards I was asked to make for a family member to give them