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My Foolproof Bread Machine Recipe

This is the most amazing and really foolproof recipe I have used in my bread machine.  It was sent to me by a friend long, long ago and I lost it and gave up on the bread machine.  Just a couple of weeks ago I found it in the bottom of a box and unearthed the machine and set to.  Results are always amazing.  It doesn't matter which machine you have, it always works.

Bread machine loaf.
Put the following into the machine in this order:

25ml of vegetable oil
2tsp of salt
3/4 pint of water (I use tepid as warm makes the bread explode out of the machine)
1lb 8oz of bread flour (I use half white and half wholemeal but all of one is also fine)
1pkt of fast acting yeast (think you get 8 in a box)

Use a 3hr setting if you have a timer or go for the one nearest to the 1.5lb loaf.  Some machines also have a crust setting and if yours does then opt for your favourite.  DO NOT USE THE QUICK SETTING - you will just have a solid brick at the end!!

Experiment and add some herbs, seeds or cheese.

Happy Baking!

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