Friday, 31 May 2013

Wake Up, it's a beautiful morning.....

I am an early riser and love the mornings when the house is quiet, the birds are singing and I can soak up the tranquility, it's made even better when the sun is shining.  Today I have a busy day as usual but I am taking my friend and my daughter and her 3 children to Beamish Museum for the morning.  It is a fabulous open air museum set in 1913 although there are plans to extend and have areas set in other decades.  My old boss now works there in his retirement and loves it.  I will take my camera and capture the beauty of the place to share with you.

Ive been making sets of cards suitable for all occasions.  Here are a couple of them:

A close up of both:

As you will have spotted, one is a die cut and the other uses the card where the die has cut from!  A positive and negative image of the die.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Keep calm and .....

Yet another set back this week for my Mum.  One of the meds. she was given gave her hallucinations which in turn scared us a lot.  These progressed over the week until they went from amusing to scary and frightened her.  Once the meds. were discontinued she gradually returned to her old self.  Phew!

On a positive note I have been making cards in abundance.  We have lots of relatives as we both come from big families and lots of those relatives live around the world so I try each year to make cards for birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc in advance!  I have a list next to my work desk and as I make cards I look to see who it would be suitable for and then cross them off the list.  I always write out the card, address it and put the date of the occasion on then it goes in date order on a little cupboard by the front door, ready to be stamped and posted!  It works for me, especially as we are tending to spend 3 months in Australia most years.  My daughter posts them for me when we are away along with all the Christmas cards I also need to make and address in advance.

As usual, on the day, our son was going to a friends engagement party and asked me to make a card!  Just noticed the tiny glue mark that wasn't easy to see when I made it!  Amazing how the imperfections are highlighted when you touch up your photos!

I love the Martha Stewart punch around the page sets and made lots with this particular one.  It's called Cherish and you can buy it from

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Breeding felt brooches!

In between hospital visits  etc., I have been making more felt brooches.  I really hope they sell at the craft fairs coming up.  I might even get to make a card or two today if I can fit them in!!  Sorry the photos are not as good as I had hoped but I've taken them quickly and the light is not brilliant today, it's dull and cold and threatening rain :(

I adore hedgehogs so this one is for me!

Monday, 20 May 2013

One step forward and six back!

Just as my Mum was improving and looking to return home to her beloved bungalow in about 2 weeks, she fell and broke her hip on Saturday.  Now she is starting her recovery again following the op to repair it yesterday.  At 84 she is amazing and has now had two major surgeries in three months.

I still have craft fair things on my mind and have been using a Pinterest pattern to make some little bow brooches.  I have a few other brooches cut out ready for sewing too so I best get on with them!

Monday, 13 May 2013

I have been busy trying to tidy up my work desk and making things for craft fairs.  I am a bit of a hoarder and despite trying to be ruthless, am not really succeeding.  I also cut extra stuff, ink extra bits etc, etc, I think you'll get the picture!  Finally though I have completed all the shopping pads that were waiting for embellishing and they are now packed and ready for the next fair.  I love doing these and they are always a winner, especially at Christmas as stocking fillers.

 On my work desk were sheets I have bought in the Craftwork Cards sale and I was pondering what to do with them.  Out came my huge stash of card candi and hey presto another couple of Christmas cards to ad to my personal box.

 I love them and am planning on repeating them as I have about 10 stars left!

Yesterday my lovely friend returned from her 6 month sojourn in Canada to spend the next 6 months with us.  We are a formidable team when it comes to craft fair goodies so we shall be getting the scissors out soon and making more goodies.  Watch this space.

Sue x

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Welcome to my new followers.

Just noticed that I have 2 new followers, thank you for joining me and welcome to my blog.
Sue x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I can hardly believe that the end of the week is almost here as I have been so busy.  My Mum has finally come out of hospital after 11 weeks and has moved into a rehabilitation unit to try to get her walking again.  Hopefully, after a few weeks here, she will be able to return to her beloved little bungalow and resume her life there.
Yesterday I spent time delivering birthday cards for my brother, brother in law and cousin all of whom have birthdays today!  My brother was born on my cousins 21st birthday so it's easy to keep track of their ages lol.
Sharing a quick card I made at the request of my daughter who needed something for a friend's Mum, as usual, in an instant!  My dearly beloved made the card cutting file for me and this cut the making time in half.
Enjoy the sunshine, there's supposed to be rain coming :(

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Finally up and running - Thanks Angie!

After  finally giving in and getting some expert help, my blog is now up and running!  The last week has been really busy for me as I have been to visit my brother in Germany.  He lives in a beautiful little village not far from the border of Holland.  We took our 5yr old grandson and all in all had a fabulous 5 days over there.  Now I'm back it's back to 'normal' and I am racing around trying to fit in too many things but I'm sure I am not alone in this.  
A couple of photos of two cards I made just before we left.  As always I was playing about with my very small stamps and some inks.

This is a cutting file from birds cards and a nestie circle die.  The stamps are a set from Stampin Up.

 I used a selection of tiny stamps from various sets here plus a great one I bought for £1 from Hobbycraft.

I am now going to try to concentrate on making stuff for a few craft fairs coming up so should have a few different things to show you soon.

Sue x