Saturday, 17 August 2013

Home sweet home.

Yesterday we saw my Mum finally settled into a fabulous care home within the community she has lived for many years. It is like a 5 star hotel with absolutely no timetables although some things have alloted times, if those don't suit you then they will accommodate your wishes.  She can eat when she is hungry, get up when she is ready, go to bed when she feels tired and just do things as she would have done at home.  For me the most important thing is that she will have someone around 24hrs.  Every night, at her request, someone will just pop in her room and check she is ok, if she is awake they will get her a drink, take her to the toilet or just have a chat with her.  Her room has patio doors that open onto a beautiful garden with rabbits and squirrels popping close by.  After what has been a very hard life for her I am grateful for this opportunity for her to enjoy this final phase of her life and hopefully be there for many years to come.
We have had a few occasions to go to lately, one being the Christening of a friend's granddaughter so I just had to get on and make cards!  Hoe you like them.  My daughter asked why I had placed the gems in that position on the dove card and I just replied that I wanted to follow the contour of the bird to which she remarked that it looked like the dove was pooping!  Too late to move them, hope no one else thought that lol.

I really liked the dove card - until the comment - but I am still unsure about the dress one, think I would put some netting or tulle on for the skirt bit another time.  I was pleased with the wordart though!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Getting there!

I seem to be starting a lot of posts with an apology but once again - sorry!  My Mum fell again last week and was admitted to hospital because she had a nasty bump on her head.  I had been waiting for this to happen as I didn't feel she was safe at home.  Finally the powers that be have listened and now assessed Mum and agrees that she needs more care.  This past week has been a bit manic with me travelling up and down the A19 daily to meet with social workers, visit care homes, be present at assessments and yesterday the manager of a very lovely care home assessed Mum and offered her a place.  Today we will be creating a new home there for Mum and taking her bed and furniture there along with her clothes, pictures, ornaments etc.  If everything is ok then she will be discharged from hospital on Friday and move in.  I feel very relieved that there will be someone around for her all day, every day although I have wrestled with my own feelings of getting her to this stage.  I felt very guilty that I was needing to encourage the decision for her to give up living independently even though I knew that she wasn't very independent!  Once I know that she is settled then I am sure I will be more at peace with myself.  As for crafting, well, I have done very little as I have also had my niece and her friend from Germany with us for the past 2 weeks+.  I feel as if I have neglected them a good bit.  They return home on Sunday so we are trying to fit a few things in before then.