Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm still here!

I'm sure anyone who looks at my blog (is there anyone?) will think that I have given up after 2 months of silence but no, I am still here, busier than ever these past couple of months but hopefully  things are calming down a little.
I have a niece getting married tomorrow and I have made her wedding stationery as well as altering two of the bridesmaid dresses that she bought online.  The adult dress was a pain as it arrived with a broken zip but now, one new zip, alterations under the arm, to the back, extra fabric put into the lining and the hem taken up, it finally fits!  I will post photos next week but here is one of the stationery.
I can't remember if I ever mentioned it but we have had a friend living with us for 6 month spells for the past 3 years while she spends the other 6 months of each year in Canada with a family that she used to live with before they emigrated.  She returned at the beginning of May and on the 4th of July we ventured to London to present her immigration papers which had to be delivered in person!!  Now we wait the 8 weeks or so until we hear if she can go to Canada on a permanent basis.  If they decline her then we will have to start the process of finding a home for her over here.  
For now thoughI will leave you with an array of some of the crafty things I have been creating.
A commissioned box card

 Both of these cards were done making use of My Digital Studio which is a Stampin Up digital program.
 Done for a Christening gift.
And of course, the end of year cards to accompany end of year matching gift boxes I made but forgot to photograph!

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