Sunday, 6 April 2014

Winding down and speeding up.

What a week, I have been frantically trying to finish off some bits and pieces for craft fairs as Saturday will see my last for a while.  The last 3 I have done have netted my zero and in fact have cost me money so I am feeling a little disillusioned to say the least.  Christmas fairs in November and December are always great so I am sticking to them.  I have also been finishing wedding invitations for my niece who gets married in July.  I have made them as a wedding gift for them which has been a financial help to us  and them.  I am glad to say that they love them.  Now that those things are out of the way I can concentrate on catching up with the birthday cards on my ever growing list.  My aim is to get all of May, June, July and August cards made by the end of this month.  Now that I've looked at the list I see there are only 21 to make as most of May has been completed.  Of course there is a new baby due and a wedding so they will be extra and I have a couple of orders for special box cards.  Mm, maybe I should start now!
 I have made a few cards this week and two of them are now in envelopes and ready to post.  I love the jar card and have made another one that I have filled with hearts and added a tag saying 'sending love just for you'.


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  1. What a lovely collection of cards, I especially love the jar card, very innovative :o)
    Jackie xx